Daniel Deykin

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2001;119;8S-21S Chest Bussey, Jack Ansell and Daniel Deykin Jack Hirsh, James E. Dalen, David R. Anderson, Leon Poller, Henry Therapeutic Range Clinical Effectiveness, and Optimal Oral Anticoagulants: Mechanism of Action, html http://chestjournal.chestpubs.org/content/119/1_suppl/8S.full. and services can be found online on the World Wide Web at: The online(More)
2001;119;22S-38S Chest Leon Poller, Alan Jacobson, Daniel Deykin and David Matchar Jack Ansell, Jack Hirsh, James Dalen, Henry Bussey, David Anderson, Managing Oral Anticoagulant Therapy l.html http://chestjournal.chestpubs.org/content/119/1_suppl/22S.ful and services can be found online on the World Wide Web at: The online version of this article, along(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether carotid endarterectomy provides protection against subsequent cerebral ischemia in men with ischemic symptoms in the distribution of significant (greater than 50%) ipsilateral internal carotid artery stenosis. DESIGN Prospective, randomized, multicenter trial. SETTING Sixteen university-affiliated Veterans Affairs medical(More)
H eparin is the anticoagulant of choice when a rapid anticoagulant effect is required because its onset of action is immediate when administered by intravenous injection. Heparin is administered in low doses when used for primary prophylaxis and high doses when used therapeutically to prevent recurrent thrombosis. Its use is almost always limited to an(More)
The effects of glucose on endothelium-dependent responses and vasoactive prostanoid production were determined by incubating isolated rabbit aortae in control (5.5 or 11 mM) or elevated (44 mM) glucose for 6 h to mimic euglycemic and hyperglycemic conditions. Rings of aortae incubated in elevated glucose, contracted submaximally by phenylephrine, showed(More)
This study was undertaken to examine the interaction of platelet size and age in determining in vitro platelet function. Baboon megakaryocytes were labeled in vivo by the injection of 75Se-methionine. Blood was collected when the label was predominantly associated with younger platelets (day 2) and with older platelets (day 9). Size-dependent platelet(More)
We gave cryoprecipitate to six patients with uremia and bleeding times prolonged to more than 15 minutes. After the infusion, all patients had shortened bleeding times; the times of five became normal. In four patients control of major bleeding episodes was attained, and five underwent major surgical or invasive procedures, with good hemostasis. After(More)