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Microfluidics-based biochips consist of microfluidic arrays on rigid substrates through which, movement of fluids is tightly controlled to facilitate biological reactions. Biochips are soon expected to revolutionize biosensing, clinical diagnostics, and drug discovery. Critical to the deployment of biochips in such diverse areas is the dependability of(More)
Downsampling technique for intraframe coding is a new scenario for low bit rate coding. In the existing methods of downsampling technique, the alternate entire row or column of pixels are downsampling, Which leads to more loss image quality during interpolation. Checkerboard pattern technique is proposed in downsampling process. Here we remove alternate(More)
Compression is necessary for video coding, which introduces the fundamental of video image formation. The efficient, fast encoding, lossy and lossless technique are required for video coding for different application. Focus is concentrated on the lossless intra coding method in video image besides various video coding standards. The upcoming H. 264 video(More)
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