Daniel Damian

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We show that a non-duplicating CPS transformation has no effect on control-flow analysis and that it has a positive effect on binding-time analysis: a monovariant control-flow analysis yields equivalent results on a direct-style program and on its CPS counterpart, and a monovariant binding-time analysis yields more precise results on a CPS program than on(More)
We characterize the impact of a linear β-reduction on the result of a control-flow analysis. (By " a linear β-reduction " we mean the β-reduction of a linear λ-abstraction, i.e., of a λ-abstraction whose parameter occurs exactly once in its body.) As a corollary, we consider the administrative reductions of a Plotkin-style transformation into(More)
This thesis addresses several aspects of static and dynamic control-flow information in programming languages, by investigating its interaction with program transformation and program analysis. Control-flow information indicates for each point in a program the possible program points to be executed next. Control-flow information in a program may be static,(More)
We build on Danvy and Nielsen's first-order program transformation into continuation-passing style (CPS) to design a new CPS transformation of flow information that is simpler and more efficient than what has been presented in previous work. The key to simplicity and efficiency is that our CPS transformation constructs the flow information in one go,(More)
Time stamps were introduced in Shivers's PhD thesis for approximating the result of a control-flow analysis. We show them to be suitable for computing program analyses where the space of results (e.g., control-flow graphs) is large. We formalize time-stamping as a top-down, fixed-point approximation algorithm which maintains a single copy of intermediate(More)
Preface This report documents the scientific work carried out during the part A of the Ph.D. studies of author at BRICS 1. The main topic of interest is programming languages, focusing on partial evaluation and program transformation. One of the ideas explored in the period was to assess the impact of partial evaluation on program analysis. The present(More)
Starting from an operational specification of a translation from a structured to an unstructured imperative language, we point out how a compositional and context-insensitive translation gives rise to static chains of jumps. Taking an inspiration from the notion of continuation , we state a new compositional and context-sensitive specification that provably(More)
Natural products derived from medicinal plants have gained an important role in drug discovery due to their complex and abundant composition of secondary metabolites, with their structurally unique molecular components bearing a significant number of stereo-centers exhibiting high specificity linked to biological activity. Usually, the extraction process of(More)
There is a strong drive worldwide to discover and exploit the therapeutic potential of a large variety of plants. In this work, an alcoholic extract of Helleborus purpurascens (family Ranunculaceae) was investigated for the identification of amino acids and peptides with putative antiproliferative effects. In our work, a separation strategy was developed(More)
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