Daniel D. White

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Handgrip strength (HGS) is a noninvasive measure of physical health that is negatively correlated with disability, morbidity, and mortality rates in adults. Highly heritable, HGS is indicative of blood testosterone levels and levels of fat-free body mass. In this study, we investigated whether HGS was related to measures of body morphology [shoulder-to-hip(More)
Handgrip strength (HGS) is highly heritable and a good overall measure of strength and muscle function. Indicative of blood testosterone levels and fat-free body mass, HGS is also highly sexually dimorphic. Recent psychological research shows that HGS is correlated with a number of social variables, but only in males. We conducted three studies to further(More)
Based on an analysis of its endocast, Holloway (1981 Am J Phys Anthropol 53:109-118) attributed the juvenile Omo L338y-6 specimen to Australopithecus africanus (i.e., gracile australopithecines) rather than to Paranthropus (Australopithecus) boisei (robust australopithecines) favored by other workers (Rak and Howell [1978] Am J Phys Anthropol 48:345-366).(More)
Multivariate Statistical Process Control tools have been developed for monitoring and fault detection on a Lam 9600 Metal Etcher. Application of these methods is complicated because the process data exhibits large amounts of normal variation that is continuous on some time scales and discontinuous on others. Variations due to faults can be minor in(More)
Several gold salts were compared in kaolin-induced rat paw oedema, u.v. erythema in guinea pigs, delayed type hypersensitivity and humoral immunity in mice, and adjuvant-induced arthritis in the rat. In the latter the additional parameters of serum gold and copper levels and lysosomal enzyme activity were determined. In addition, the in vitro inhibition of(More)
Evolutionary psychologists have suggested that indirect aggression during adolescence is a strategy to compete with same-sex peer rivals for resources, status, and mating opportunities. We collected survey data on 143 young adults to determine retrospectively, the amount of indirect aggressive behavior they perpetrated and the amount of indirect(More)
Multivariate Statistical Process Control (MSPC) tools have been developed for monitoring a Lam 9600 TCP Metal Etcher at Texas Instruments. These tools are used to determine if the etch process is operating normally or if a system fault has occurred. Application of these methods is complicated because the etch process data exhibits a large amount of normal(More)
Poor fetal growth is associated with decrements in muscle strength likely due to changes during myogenesis. We investigated the association of poor fetal growth with muscle strength, fatigue resistance, and the response to training in the isolated quadriceps femoris. Females (20.6 years) born to term but below the 10th percentile of ponderal index(More)