Daniel D. Jensen

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OBJECTIVE In early-onset schizophrenia (EOS), the earliest structural brain volumetric abnormalities appear in the parietal cortices. Early exposure to cannabis may represent an environmental risk factor for developing schizophrenia. This study characterized cerebral cortical gray matter structure in adolescents in regions of interest (ROIs) that have been(More)
Health care providers and their patients jointly participate in melanoma prevention, surveillance, diagnosis, and treatment. This paper reviews screening and follow-up strategies for patients who have been diagnosed with melanoma, based on current available evidence, and focuses on methods to assess disease recurrence and second primary occurrence.(More)
BACKGROUND The study presents the phenotypic and genetic characterization of selected P. salmonis isolates from Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout suffering from SRS (salmonid rickettsial septicemia) in Chile and in Canada. The phenotypic characterization of the P. salmonis isolates were based on growth on different agar media (including a newly developed(More)
OBJECTIVE The first ray plays a role in the development of bunion foot deformity, but for unknown reasons. This prospective, cross-sectional study investigated first ray kinematics in women with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and bunion. METHODS Nine participants having RA-bunion were analyzed in comparison to a control group (n = 10). Data were acquired using(More)
presentations at national or international meetings. Students participate in many of these scholarly accomplishments. Many of the students now do clinical internships across the country or at 3 international sites (Ecuador, Niger and Tan-zania). Students from the Class of 2011 led an initiative that was carried to the APTA House of Delegates and resulted in(More)
Narration is a technique that has been used successfully in many contexts as part of K-12 education. Despite the significant use and success of this technique in certain primary education contexts, its use has not been documented in higher education. This research provides initial understanding of how narration might enhance undergraduate engineering(More)