Daniel D. Evans

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Survival analytic models were used to determine the effects of Axis II pathology and dysfunctional cognitions on depressive relapse in a sample of 50 depressed inpatients followed 33 to 84 months (M = 49.9) postdischarge. In analyses based on follow-up interview measures, expected remission duration among patients without personality disorders was(More)
One-hundred-sixteen patients suffering from vascular headache (migraine or combined migraine and tension) were, after 4 weeks of pretreatment baseline headache monitoring, randomly assigned to one of four conditions: (a) thermal biofeedback with adjunctive relaxation training (TBF); (b) TBF plus cognitive therapy; (c) pseudomediation as an ostensible(More)
Three separate, but similar, studies are described in which the psychologic effects (depression, anxiety, and overall degree of psychosomatic distress) of nonpharmacologic treatment (relaxation and/or biofeedback training) for three kinds of chronic headache (tension, migraine, and mixed migraine and tension) were evaluated. Results showed consistently(More)
Sixty-six tension headache patients were randomly assigned to one of four conditions for 8 weeks: (a) progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) alone; (b) PMR plus cognitive therapy (PMR + Cog); (c) pseudomeditation, a credible attention-placebo control; or (d) continued headache monitoring. A comparison of overall headache activity (headache index), derived from(More)
A maximum likelihood factor analysis with Promax rotation was performed on the Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale for 340 adult inpatients in an Affective Disorders Program. Four factors were identified and labeled cognitive-pessimism, affective, cognitive-anxiety, and vegetative. Recommendations were offered for the research and clinical use of the(More)
High power transistor, laser, and LED devices require packaging to remove thermal energy from the die. Although some silver filled epoxies provide thermal conductivity approaching 60 W/mK, AuSi and AuSn solder have long proven superior thermal performance. Materials such as Si and GaAs on CuW and GaN on SiC will be discussed in three case studies for die(More)
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