Daniel D Baleckaitis

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Cholinergic activation profoundly affects vertebrate forebrain networks, but pathway, cell type, and modality specificity remain poorly understood. Here we investigated cell-specific cholinergic modulation of neurons in the zebra finch forebrain song control nucleus HVC using in vitro whole cell recordings. The HVC contains projection neurons that(More)
Until recently, it has been difficult to identify the exact location of aromatase containing cells in the brain. The development of new antibodies has provided a sensitive tool to analyze the distribution of aromatase immunoreactive (ARO-ir) material at a cellular level of resolution. In the present study we examined, for the first time, the distribution of(More)
During the breeding season, two distinct male phenotypes are exhibited by red-sided garter snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis), with courtship behavior being directed not only toward females, but also toward a sub-population of males called she-males. She-males are morphologically identical to other males except for a circulating androgen level three(More)
1 2 3 4 5 6 Neuron-specific cholinergic modulation of a forebrain song control nucleus 7 8 Stephen D. Shea1, Henner Koch2, Daniel Baleckaitis2, Jan-Marino Ramirez1,2 and Daniel 9 Margoliash1,2 10 11 1Committee on Neurobiology 12 2Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy 13 University of Chicago 14 1027 E. 57th Street 15 Chicago, IL 60637 16 17 18(More)
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