Daniel Curtis

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Skilled cardiologists perform cardiac auscultation, acquiring and interpreting heart sounds, by implicitly carrying out a sequence of steps. These include discarding clinically irrelevant beats, selectively tuning in to particular frequencies and aggregating information across time to make a diagnosis. In this paper, we formalize a series of analytical(More)
We consider the problem of locating a template as a subimage of a larger image. Computing the maxima of the correlation function solves this problem classically. Since the correlation can be calculated with the Fourier transform this problem is a good candidate for a superior quantum algorithmic solution. We outline how such an algorithm would work.
Soybean isolines with different combinations of photoperiod sensitivity alleles were planted in a greenhouse at different times during the year resulting in natural variation in daily incident irradiance and duration. The time from planting to first flower were observed. Mathematical models, using additive and multiplicative modes, were developed to(More)
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