Daniel Cornel

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In this paper, we introduce a simulation-based approach to design protection plans for flood events. Existing solutions require a lot of computation time for an exhaustive search, or demand for a time-consuming expert supervision and steering. We present a faster alternative based on the automated control of multiple parallel simulation runs. Run Watchers(More)
Figure 1: Quantitative visualization of material movement for several flow components at once. (Left) Different materials in a logistics delivery process. (Middle) Uncertainty in water transportation for a storm water simulation (" at least " , " expected " , " worst case "). (Right) Flow map for crowd movement in an evacuation scenario, colored by the time(More)
Figure 1: Understanding the uncertain vulnerability of a selected building to a multitude of flood scenarios. (Left) Vulnerability to floodwall overtopping events, displayed on a water gauge. (Middle) Vulnerability to floodwall breaches, shown along the protection wall. (Right) Adverse impact on the selected building, including cellar flooding. The(More)
  • Daniel Cornel, Ing Dipl, Dipl.-Ing Techn Michael, Wimmer Mitwirkung, Dipl.-Ing Techn Robert, F Tobler +2 others
  • 2014
Hiermit erkläre ich, dass ich diese Arbeit selbständig verfasst habe, dass ich die verwen-deten Quellen und Hilfsmittel vollständig angegeben habe und dass ich die Stellen der Arbeit – einschließlich Tabellen, Karten und Abbildungen –, die anderen Werken oder dem Internet im Wortlaut oder dem Sinn nach entnommen sind, auf jeden Fall unter Angabe der Quelle(More)
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