Daniel Cornel

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In Arabidopsis suspension cells a rapid plasma membrane depolarization is triggered by abscisic acid (ABA). Activation of anion channels was shown to be a component leading to this ABA-induced plasma membrane depolarization. Using experiments employing combined voltage clamping, continuous measurement of extracellular pH, we examined whether plasma membrane(More)
Abscisic acid (ABA) plays a key role in the control of stomatal aperture by regulating ion channel activities and water exchanges across the plasma membrane of guard cells. Changes in cytoplasmic calcium content and activation of anion and outward-rectifying K(+) channels are among the earliest cellular responses to ABA in guard cells. In Arabidopsis(More)
As flood events tend to happen more frequently, there is a growing demand for understanding the vulnerability of infrastructure to flood-related hazards. Such demand exists both for flood management personnel and the general public. Modern software tools are capable of generating uncertainty-aware flood predictions. However, the information addressing(More)
In this paper, we introduce a simulation-based approach to design protection plans for flood events. Existing solutions require a lot of computation time for an exhaustive search, or demand for a time-consuming expert supervision and steering. We present a faster alternative based on the automated control of multiple parallel simulation runs. Run Watchers(More)
Stochastic sampling is an indispensable tool in computer graphics which allows approximating complex functions and integrals in finite time. Applications which rely on stochastic sampling include ray tracing, remeshing, stippling and texture synthesis. In order to cover the sample domain evenly and without regular patterns, the sample distribution has to(More)
Virtual texturing is a technique that allows the use of arbitrarily large textures within the limited physical video memory. Through a paging and streaming system, only the currently visible parts of a mipmap chain are stored in the video memory while the rest of the data may reside in any other memory or storage device. Not only does this enable the use of(More)
In computer graphics, stochastic sampling is frequently used to efficiently approximate complex functions and integrals. The error of approximation can be reduced by distributing samples according to an importance function, but cannot be eliminated completely. To avoid visible artifacts, sample distributions are sought to be random, but spatially uniform,(More)
Flow maps are widely used to provide an overview of geospatial transportation data. Existing solutions lack the support for the interactive exploration of multiple flow components at once. Flow components are given by different materials being transported, different flow directions, or by the need for comparing alternative scenarios. In this paper, we(More)
We present a new graphics processing unit implementation of two second-order numerical schemes of the shallow water equations on Cartesian grids. Previous implementations are not fast enough to evaluate multiple scenarios for a robust, uncertainty-aware decision support. To tackle this, we exploit the capabilities of the NVIDIA Kepler architecture. We(More)
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