Daniel Cisek

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Satellite imagery analysis is becoming increasingly important in a variety of fields. Automation of analysts' workflows has the potential to greatly increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Specifically, developing automatic parking lot extraction from overhead imagery has huge importance to predicting stores future sales. However, to the best of our(More)
The importance of satellite imagery analysis has increased dramatically over the last several years, keeping pace with the rapid improvements seen in both remote sensing platforms and sensors. As this field expands, so too does the interest in using machine learning methods to automate parts of the imagery analyst’s workflow. In this paper we address one(More)
Glaciers serve as one of the most prominent natural indicators of climate change, given their sensitivity to even incremental changes in temperature. In recent years the mapping of glacier extent has become accepted as an effective way to measure the effects of climate change. By measuring the extent of a glacier's terminus over multiple years, one can gain(More)
The incorporation of wind fields, or movement of clouds, significantly improves the accuracy of time-series-based solar irradiance prediction models. To resolve problems regarding the cost and accuracy of current wind field estimation methods, there are the challenges in estimating wind fields using only solar irradiance sensor networks and evaluating the(More)
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