Daniel Chung

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OBJECTIVE Alternative splicing of ErbB4 transcripts is dysregulated in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in schizophrenia. ErbB4 regulates the activity of parvalbumin interneurons, and therefore dysregulated ErbB4 splicing could contribute to lower parvalbumin interneuron activity and consequently lower parvalbumin levels in schizophrenia. However, ErbB4(More)
OBJECTIVE Deficient excitatory drive to parvalbumin-containing cortical interneurons is proposed as a key neural substrate for altered gamma oscillations and cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia. However, a pathological entity producing such a deficit has not been identified. The authors tested the hypothesis that cortical parvalbumin interneurons receive(More)
OBJECTIVE SCA12 is a progressive autosomal-dominant disorder, caused by a CAG/CTG repeat expansion in PPP2R2B on chromosome 5q32, and characterized by tremor, gait ataxia, hyperreflexia, dysmetria, abnormal eye movements, anxiety, depression, and sometimes cognitive impairment. Neuroimaging has demonstrated cerebellar and cortical atrophy. We now present(More)
The localization of microbubbles to a treatment site has been shown to be essential to their effectiveness in therapeutic applications such as targeted drug delivery and gene therapy. A variety of different strategies for achieving localization has been investigated, including biochemical targeting, acoustic radiation force, and the incorporation of(More)
Within the Climate Change Initiative of the European Space Agency a multi-satellite soil moisture product covering the period 1979-2010 was released. In this study we first assess its quality by comparing it with soil moisture from ground-based stations and several land surface model estimates. Secondly, the dynamics in the dataset were assessed using trend(More)
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