Daniel Chung

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White light colonoscopy is the current gold standard for early detection and treatment of colorectal cancer, but emerging data suggest that this approach is inherently limited. Even the most experienced colonoscopists, under optimal conditions, miss at least 15-25% of adenomas. There is an unmet clinical need for an adjunctive modality to white light(More)
The localization of microbubbles to a treatment site has been shown to be essential to their effectiveness in therapeutic applications such as targeted drug delivery and gene therapy. A variety of different strategies for achieving localization has been investigated, including biochemical targeting, acoustic radiation force, and the incorporation of(More)
  • Matthew A. Sochor, Vidyullatha Vasireddy, Theodore G. Drivas, Adam Wojno, Thu Doung, Ivan Shpylchak +4 others
  • 2015
The future of treating inherited and acquired genetic diseases will be defined by our ability to introduce transgenes into cells and restore normal physiology. Here we describe an autogenous transgene regulatory system (ARES), based on the bacterial lac repressor, and demonstrate its utility for controlling the expression of a transgene in bacteria,(More)
Bell shaped nuclei of metakaryotic cells double their DNA content during and after symmetric and asymmetric amitotic fissions rather than in the separate, pre-mitotic S-phase of eukaryotic cells. A parsimonious hypothesis was tested that the two anti-parallel strands of each chromatid DNA helix were first segregated as ssDNA-containing complexes into sister(More)
Within the Climate Change Initiative of the European Space Agency a multi-satellite soil moisture product covering the period 1979-2010 was released. In this study we first assess its quality by comparing it with soil moisture from ground-based stations and several land surface model estimates. Secondly, the dynamics in the dataset were assessed using trend(More)
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