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There is no known fundamental reason to demand as a cosmological initial condition that the bulk possess an SO(3, 1) isometry. On the contrary, one expects bulk curvature terms that violate the SO(3, 1) isometry at early epochs, leading to a violation of Lorentz invariance on our brane. Demanding that the Lorentz noninvariant terms are small leads to a new(More)
[1] Global trends in a new multi-satellite surface soil moisture dataset were analyzed for the period 1988–2010. 27% of the area covered by the dataset showed significant trends (p = 0.05). Of these, 73% were negative and 27% positive. Subtle drying trends were found in the Southern US, central South America, central Eurasia, northern Africa and the Middle(More)
PURPOSE The PITX3 gene, which codes for a homeobox bicoidlike transcription factor is responsible for dominant cataract and anterior segment mesenchymal dysgenesis in humans. In the current study, a family with autosomal dominant posterior polar cataract (PPC) and a PITX3 mutation that cosegregates with the disease was examined. Also studied were two(More)
We discuss several cosmological production mechanisms for nonthermal supermassive dark matter and argue that dark matter may be elementary particles of mass much greater than the weak scale. Searches for dark matter should not be limited to weakly interacting particles with mass of the order of the weak scale, but should extend into the supermassive range(More)
The phenomenological possibilities of the Randall-Sundrum non-compact extra dimension scenario with the AdS horizon increased to approximately a millimeter length, corresponding to an effective brane tension of (TeV) 4 , are investigated. The corrections to the Newtonian potential are found to be the only observationally accessible probe of this scenario,(More)
During inflation, primordial energy density fluctuations are created from approximate de Sitter vacuum quantum fluctuations redshifted out of the horizon after which they are frozen as perturbations in the background curvature. In this paper we demonstrate that there exists an intrinsic theoretical uncertainty in the inflationary predictions for the(More)