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tion is possible. Gastric ECLomas develop from gastric enterochromaffin-like cells (ECL cells) in response to chronically elevated gastrin. The latter may occur in two opposing conditions [4–18] : achlorhydria secondary to (auto-immune) atrophic fundic gastritis (type 1 tumors), or in response to hypergastrinemia resulting from tu-moral secretion from(More)
[1] Global trends in a new multi-satellite surface soil moisture dataset were analyzed for the period 1988–2010. 27% of the area covered by the dataset showed significant trends (p = 0.05). Of these, 73% were negative and 27% positive. Subtle drying trends were found in the Southern US, central South America, central Eurasia, northern Africa and the Middle(More)
PURPOSE The PITX3 gene, which codes for a homeobox bicoidlike transcription factor is responsible for dominant cataract and anterior segment mesenchymal dysgenesis in humans. In the current study, a family with autosomal dominant posterior polar cataract (PPC) and a PITX3 mutation that cosegregates with the disease was examined. Also studied were two(More)
Bell shaped nuclei of metakaryotic cells double their DNA content during and after symmetric and asymmetric amitotic fissions rather than in the separate, pre-mitotic S-phase of eukaryotic cells. A parsimonious hypothesis was tested that the two anti-parallel strands of each chromatid DNA helix were first segregated as ssDNA-containing complexes into sister(More)
Research Interests • In vitro reconstitution of cellular signaling reactions on synthetic membranes • Ras GTPase activation and molecular organization on membrane surfaces • Protein-lipid interactions • Development and application of advanced fluorescence spectroscopy • Single particle tracking microscopy and analysis on membranes
Within the Climate Change Initiative of the European Space Agency a multi-satellite soil moisture product covering the period 1979-2010 was released. In this study we first assess its quality by comparing it with soil moisture from ground-based stations and several land surface model estimates. Secondly, the dynamics in the dataset were assessed using trend(More)