Daniel Chivers

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We present an algorithm for automatically laying out metro map style schematics using a force-directed approach, where we use a localized version of the standard spring embedder forces combined with an octilinear magnetic force. The two types of forces used during layout are naturally conflicting, and the existing method of simply combining these to(More)
— An approach for learning and recognizing human actions in videos is described. The proposed approach learns various actions through principle component analysis (PCA) of motion curves, and recognizes observed actions using features of their motion curves. Trajectories of one or more key points on the human body are created. A curve is fitted to each(More)
— A new approach to human action recognition in videos is presented and evaluated using the Weizmann action dataset. In this approach, motion trajectories are formed by tracking one or more key points on the human body. In particular, points on the hands and feet are tracked. A curve is fitted to each motion trajectory to smooth noise and to form a(More)
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