Daniel Castro-Fresno

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This article reports the development and construction of a 1:1 scale laboratory prototype of a System for Catchment, Pre-treatment and Treatment (SCPT) of runoff polluted by contaminants washed from impervious pavements. The concept of the SCPT is an online system with an up-flow filter. The filter is composed of geotextile layers and limestone. The(More)
The Spanish climate is full of contrasts, with torrential rains and long droughts; under these conditions, appropriate water management is essential. In Spain, until the end of the twentieth century, water management and legislative development lagged behind other more developed countries. Nowadays, great efforts are being made to reverse this situation and(More)
Pervious pavements are sustainable urban drainage systems already known as rainwater infiltration techniques which reduce runoff formation and diffuse pollution in cities. The present research is focused on the design and construction of an experimental parking area, composed of 45 pervious pavement parking bays. Every pervious pavement was experimentally(More)
Three different drainage systems were built in a roadside car park located on the outskirts of Oviedo (Spain): two sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS), a swale and a filter drain; and one conventional drainage system, a concrete ditch, which is representative of the most frequently used roadside drainage system in Spain. The concentrations of(More)
Runoff contamination has motivated the development of different systems for its treatment in order to decrease the pollutant load that is discharged into natural water bodies. In the long term, these systems may undergo operational problems. This paper presents the results obtained in a laboratory study with a 1:1 scale prototype of a System of Catchment,(More)
Pervious pavements are drainage techniques that improve urban water management in a sustainable manner. An experimental pervious pavement parking area has been constructed in the north of Spain (Santander), with the aim of harvesting good quality rainwater. Forty-five pervious pavement structures have been designed and constructed to measure stored water(More)
Interlocking concrete block pavements (ICBPs) have been widely used in car parks to reduce runoff. Researches have demonstrated that clogging is the most influential factor in the reduction of the infiltration capacity of this type of permeable pavement. Nevertheless, there is no laboratory study of the infiltration performance of ICBPs that combines(More)
This paper presents a decision aid system to address hierarchically structured decisionmaking problems based on the determination of the satisfaction provided by a group of alternatives in relation to multiple conflicting subcriteria grouped into criteria. The system combines the action of three new methods related to the following concepts: nonlinear(More)