Daniel Castellani Ribeiro

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The phosphorus distribution in volcanic sediments of three lakes that are under different anthropogenic pressures in São Miguel island (Azores - Portugal) was evaluated using a sequential extraction scheme. The P-fractionation scheme employs sequential extractions of sediment with NH4Cl, bicarbonate-dithionite (BD), NaOH (at room temperature), HCl and NaOH(More)
Phosphorus (P) mobility from the sediments to the water column is a complex phenomenon that is generally assumed to be mainly redox sensitive and promoted by anoxic conditions. Thus, artificial aeration of the hypolimnium has been used as a remediation technique in eutrophic water bodies but several times with unexpected disappointing results. To optimize(More)
Phosphorus is known to contribute to eutrophication of fresh water systems, as generally it is the limiting nutrient controlling algae growth. Laboratory studies were conducted to develop and test active barriers composed of aluminium oxide immobilized on to polyolefins to remove phosphorus from water. For this purpose, flat plates of polyethylene and(More)
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