Daniel Cassard

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In this paper, we propose QUANTMINER, a mining quantitative association rules system. This system is based on a genetic algorithm that dynamically discovers " good " intervals in association rules by optimizing both the support and the confidence. The experiments on real and artificial databases have shown the usefulness of QUANTMINER as an interactive,(More)
In the spatial-integrated socioeconomic model field, a multi-agent approach is appropriate for supporting applications modelled at a detailed territory scale, but it is less used than other approaches when supporting applications modelled at a larger scale. One possibility would be to have a more generic platform that is capable of supporting both levels.(More)
In sexually immature female rats 'primed' with a unilateral basal hypothalamic lesion on day 23 of life, a gonadotropin surge was triggered by progesterone (P) on day 26. The influence of sequential ovariectomy (OVX) on this response was studied in an attempt to elucidate the mode of action of brain lesions inducing precocious sexual maturation in this(More)
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