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Novel, cheap optical components allow for reconfigurable interconnection networks inside multiprocessor systems. In this paper, we introduce some of these components, their limitations, and present simulations that show the resulting speedup of these multiprocessor systems. Introduction Electrical interconnection networks connecting the different processors(More)
Whereas FDA-approved methods of assessment of estrogen receptor (ER) are 'fit for purpose', they represent a 30-year-old technology. New quantitative methods, both chromogenic and fluorescent, have been developed and studies have shown that these methods increase the accuracy of assessment of ER. Here, we compare three methods of ER detection and assessment(More)
There is considerable interest in finding replacements for the synthetic fungicides and preservatives that are currently used to control fungal pathogens; however, any alternative compounds must be safe and must prevent the development of microbial resistance. In this regard, essential oils have received special attention. Protium colombianum Cuatrecasas is(More)
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