Daniel Carpenter

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BACKGROUND Childhood epilepsies are a heterogeneous group of conditions that differ in diagnostic criteria and management and have dramatically different outcomes. Despite increasing data on treatment of epilepsy, research findings on childhood epilepsy are more limited and many clinical questions remain unanswered, so that clinicians must often rely on(More)
Behavioral emergencies are a common and serious problem for consumers, their families and communities, and the healthcare providers on whom they rely for help. In recent years, serious concerns about the management of behavioral and psychiatric emergencies-in particular, the misapplication and overuse of physical and chemical restraints and seclusion-have(More)
This paper develops a theory of the administration and effectiveness of government programs. In the model, a bureaucrat chooses a mechanism for assigning a good to clients with uncertain qualifications. The mechanism applies a costly means test to verify the client's eligibility. A politician exercises oversight by limiting the bureau-crat's testing(More)
INTRODUCTION Press Ganey (PG) scores are used by public entities to gauge the quality of patient care from medical facilities in the United States. Academic health centers (AHCs) are charged with educating the new generation of doctors, but rely heavily on PG scores for their business operation. AHCs need to know what impact medical student involvement has(More)
Bannatyne's recategorization of WISC-R scores was applied to 97 juveniles who had been adjudicated by the juvenile court system to a diagnostic and evaluation unit in Eastern Alabama. Mean ranks werre analyzed using the Friedman test for repeated-measures analysis of variance. The total sample exhibited a significant mean rank pattern of scores in the(More)
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