Daniel Cariello

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Several nascent peptides stall ribosomes during their own translation in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Leader peptides that induce stalling can regulate downstream gene expression. Interestingly, stalling peptides show little sequence similarity and interact with the ribosome through distinct mechanisms. To explore the scope of regulation by stalling(More)
In order to compute the Schmidt decomposition of A &#x2208; M<sub>k</sub> &#x2297; M<sub>m</sub>, we must consider an associated self-adjoint map. Here, we show that if A is positive under partial transposition (PPT) or symmetric with positive coefficients (SPCs) or invariant under realignment, then its associated self-adjoint map is completely reducible.(More)
Recently, in [1], the author proved that many results that are true for PPT matrices also hold for another class of matrices with a certain symmetry in their Hermitian Schmidt decompositions. These matrices were called SPC in [1] (definition 1.1). Before that, in [9], Tóth and Gühne proved that if a state is symmetric then it is PPT if and only if it is(More)
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