Daniel Cantero

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Urokinase plasminogen activator (uPA) is a serine proteinase that has been suggested to play an important role in cancer invasion and metastasis. It binds to a specific membrane receptor denominated uPA receptor (uPAR). uPA activates plasminogen to form plasmin, which participates in tissue degradation and proteolysis. Binding of uPA to its receptor(More)
We report a 37 years old male, coming from Paraguay, who consulted for tinnitus, hearing loss, foreign body sensation and pain in the left ear. He informed that a fly entered into his external auditive channel, five days before consulting. We observed the destruction of the tympanic membrane and 22 live larvae were extracted. Following the larval(More)
Pleomorphic adenoma is the most frequent major salivary glands neoplasm but it is rare in the nasal cavity. We report a case of a 41 years old woman who complains of a left septal mass and unilateral nasal obstruction. Her clinical and CT-scan aspects suggest a benign lesion. The lesion is removed by direct transnasal approach. The histopathological(More)
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