Daniel Campillo

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In this work, the propagation loss of three short range directive channels at 5.5GHz is measured using different directive antennas and a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). Results are given for a channel bandwidth of 300 MHz which will be the future channel bandwidth of IEEE 802.11 ac system. It has been noted that the multipath induced fading tends to have(More)
The aim of this paper is to discuss the main characteristics of a real time ECG pre-processing multichannel system designed by the authors of the paper. It is based on the multichannel high-resolution ADS1298 integrated circuit and the MSP430F5529microcontroller, both from Texas Instruments. The developed acquisition system complies with the international(More)
The aim of this paper is to discuss the main characteristics of a low cost and consumption portable device, which is part of a system for ambulatory monitoring of patients with heart diseases. The solution is based on the microcontrollers MSP430F5419A and CC2540 (Bluetooth), both from Texas Instruments and the modem SIM908 from Simcom, which includes(More)
This is a concise study of the prehistorical trepanation which we have interpreted on the basis of our personal experience from the examination of more than three thousand skulls. We have also inquired into the reasons that have given rise to trepanation, and at the same time have tried to clarify some of the inconsistensies of this subject. The study(More)