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This paper advances the state-of-the-art in programming models for exploiting task-level parallelism on heterogeneous many-core systems, presenting a number of extensions to the OpenMP language inspired in the StarSs programming model. The proposed extensions allow the programmer to write portable code easily for a number of different platforms, relieving(More)
Reconfigurable computing is one of the paths to explore towards low-power supercomputing. However, programming these reconfigurable devices is not an easy task and still requires significant research and development efforts to make it really productive. In addition, the use of these devices as accelerators in multicore, SMPs and ccNUMA architectures adds an(More)
Social media has become a staple of everyday life among over one billion people worldwide. A social networking presence has become a hallmark of vibrant and transparent communications. It has quickly become the preferred method of communication and information sharing. It offers the ability for various entities, especially residency programs, to create an(More)
Zinc is essential for biological systems, and aberrant zinc metabolism is implicated in a broad range of human diseases. To maintain homeostasis in response to fluctuating levels of dietary zinc, animals regulate gene expression; however, mechanisms that mediate the transcriptional response to fluctuating levels of zinc have not been fully defined. Here, we(More)
We evaluate a well known protein docking application in the bioinformatic field, Fourier Transform Docking (FTDock) (Gabb et al., 1997), on a Blade with two 3.2GHz cell broadband engine (BE) processor (Kahle et al., 2005). FTDock is a geometry complementary approximation of the protein docking problem, and uses 3D FFTs to reduce the complexity of the(More)
INTRODUCTION Compassion fatigue (CF) is the emotional and physical burden felt by those helping others in distress, leading to a reduced capacity and interest in being empathetic towards future suffering. Emergency care providers are at an increased risk of CF secondary to their first responder roles and exposure to traumatic events. We aimed to investigate(More)
This work presents a multiagent framework design for Demand-Responsive Transportation, considering a virtual enterprise domain. The agent architecture obtained provides a baseline for the integration between end-users of the transport service and multiple transport operators affiliated to a virtual enterprise which provides flexibility in the incorporation(More)
INTRODUCTION Rapid-response teams (RRTs) are interdisciplinary groups created to rapidly assess and treat patients with unexpected clinical deterioration marked by decline in vital signs. Traditionally emergency department (ED) disposition is partially based on the patients' vital signs (VS) at the time of hospital admission. We aimed to identify which(More)
INTRODUCTION Current cognitive sciences describe decision-making using the dual-process theory, where a System 1 is intuitive and a System 2 decision is hypothetico-deductive. We aim to compare the performance of these systems in determining patient acuity, disposition and diagnosis. METHODS Prospective observational study of emergency physicians(More)