Daniel Cabrera

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A gene coding for the Bm86 tick protein was recently cloned, expressed in Pichia pastoris and shown to induce an inmunological response in cattle against ticks. Moreover, the Gavac vaccine (Heber Biotec S.A., Havana, Cuba), which contains this recombinant protein, has proved to control the Boophilus microplus populations under field conditions. This paper(More)
BACKGROUND Spontaneous retroperitoneal hematoma (SRH) can be fatal, requiring immediate recognition and intervention. Current literature is limited, providing little direction in patient care. OBJECTIVE To describe clinical characteristics of patients with SRH during an 8-year period. METHODS Observational cohort study of all consecutive patients 18(More)
This paper advances the state-of-the-art in programming models for exploiting task-level parallelism on heterogeneous many-core systems, presenting a number of extensions to the OpenMP language inspired in the StarSs programming model. The proposed extensions allow the programmer to write portable code easily for a number of different platforms, relieving(More)
Social media has become a staple of everyday life among over one billion people worldwide. A social networking presence has become a hallmark of vibrant and transparent communications. It has quickly become the preferred method of communication and information sharing. It offers the ability for various entities, especially residency programs, to create an(More)
BACKGROUND Intussusception is a predominantly pediatric diagnosis that is not well characterized among adults. Undiagnosed cases can result in significant morbidity, making early recognition important for clinicians. STUDY OBJECTIVES We describe the presentation, clinical management, disposition, and outcome of adult patients diagnosed with(More)
BACKGROUND Topical anesthetics are used in the emergency department (ED) to relieve eye pain and allow eye examinations in patients with corneal abrasions. There is concern for delayed corneal healing, which is associated with the long-term use of topical anesthetics, so outpatient use is not recommended. OBJECTIVES We sought to systematically study the(More)
INTRODUCTION Compassion fatigue (CF) is the emotional and physical burden felt by those helping others in distress, leading to a reduced capacity and interest in being empathetic towards future suffering. Emergency care providers are at an increased risk of CF secondary to their first responder roles and exposure to traumatic events. We aimed to investigate(More)
To the Editor: We would like to commend Circulation for exploring a topic that has not been well addressed elsewhere with the publication of the study “A Randomized Trial of Social Media From Circulation.” However, after considering the background literature and methodological characteristics of the study, we are concerned that the authors overstated their(More)
This work presents a multiagent framework design for DemandResponsive Transportation, considering a virtual enterprise domain. The agent architecture obtained provides a baseline for the integration between end-users of the transport service and multiple transport operators affiliated to a virtual enterprise which provides flexibility in the incorporation(More)