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In/discernible bodies: the politics of passing in dominant and marginal media
This essay explores news media coverage of two types of alleged “passing”: passing across racial lines from Black to White and across sex lines from female to male. Textual analysis of dominant print
The precarious visibility politics of self‐stigmatization: The case of HIV/AIDS tattoos
One of the ethical issues that emerges in discussions about HIV and AIDS is disclosure of serostatus‐who should know if an individual is HIV‐antibody positive, when, and by what means? For
Corps/corpse: The U.S. military and homosexuality
I examine testimony of over thirty military witnesses during four days of 1993 congressional hearings addressing the controversy over gays and lesbians serving openly in the United States military.
Counterpublicity and Corporeality in HIV/AIDS Zines
This essay demonstrates how two U.S. zines produced from 1990 to 1999 by and for gay men with HIV/AIDS—Diseased Pariah News (DPN) and Infected Faggot Perspectives (IFP)—constitute counterpublics. I
What Is This “Post-” in Postracial, Postfeminist… (Fill in the Blank)?
The events of the 2008 election continue to spark prognostications that we live in a world that is postracial/feminist, and so on. At the 2009 NCA (National Communication Association) convention, a
Coming out, coming home, coming with: Models of queer sexuality in contemporary China
ABSTRACT The authors investigate coming out and coming home as models of queer sexuality for contemporary Chinese queer subjects. Through semi-structured interviews with 13 Chinese queer subjects,
Public Intellectuals, Public Life, and the University
The figure of the public intellectual galvanizes the imagination and catalyzes social commentary. Examination of contemporary debates about public intellectuals draws our attention to competing