Daniel C. Schultz

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An approach by the IST FUTURE project to make packet based multimedia services feasible in a satellite based UMTS environment. Different QoS guaranteeing mechanisms are presented exploiting the terrestrial UMTS specification in order to achieve an integrated T-S-UMTS. The focus is set on mechanisms for the access network, while the core network is only(More)
The huge growth in wireless communication has led to a wide range of technologies each addressing a particular scenario or need. The goal of the WINNER project is to develop a single new ubiquitous radio access system concept to address the whole spectrum of mobile communications scenarios. This paper surveys the challenge of providing ubiquitous operation(More)
Sporulation vs. competence provides a prototypic example of collective cell fate determination. The decision is performed by the action of three modules: 1) A stochastic competence switch whose transition probability is regulated by population density, population stress and cell stress. 2) A sporulation timer whose clock rate is regulated by cell stress and(More)
The objective of this deliverable is to provide a comprehensive and consistent overview on the WINNER system concept work at the end of the first project phase. Concepts investigated in various WINNER work packages have been harmonized and integrated into the WINNER system concept which is described within this deliverable. To illustrate the WINNER system(More)
The choice that bacteria make between sporulation and competence when subjected to stress provides a prototypical example of collective cell fate determination that is stochastic on the individual cell level, yet predictable (deterministic) on the population level. This collective decision is performed by an elaborated gene network. Considerable effort has(More)
— The paper shows that relays as inherent technology of IMT-Advanced system can provide low delays as required for future multi-media services. The results shown prove that the proposed relaying scheme is able to keep relay requirements on the air interface and to support delay sensitive high interactive services. The analytical results are validated by(More)