Daniel C. Moura

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This paper outlines the first Portuguese " Breast Cancer Digital Repository " (BCDR-FMR), a comprehensive annotated repository including digital content (digitized film mammography images) and associated metadata (clinical history, segmented lesions BI-RADS classified, image-based descriptors, biopsy proven, etc.). BCDR-FMR establish a novel reference to(More)
This paper proposes a novel method for fast 3D reconstructions of the scoliotic spine from two planar radiographs. The method uses a statistical model of the shape of the spine for computing the 3D reconstruction that best matches the user input (about 7 control points per radiograph). In addition, the spine was modelled as an articulated structure to take(More)
This paper proposes a method for rapidly reconstructing 3D models of the spine from two planar radiographs. For performing 3D reconstructions, users only have to identify on each radiograph a spline that represents the spine midline. Then, a statistical articulated model of the spine is deformed until it best fits these splines. The articulated model used(More)
PURPOSE Breast cancer computer-aided diagnosis (CADx) may utilize image descriptors, demographics, clinical observations, or a combination. CADx performance was compared for several image features, clinical descriptors (e.g. age and radiologist's observations), and combinations of both kinds of data. A novel descriptor invariant to rotation, histograms of(More)
This paper presents a new method for the calibration of biplanar radiography that makes possible performing 3D reconstructions of the spine using conventional radiological systems. A novel approach is proposed in which a measuring device is used for determining focal distance and have a rough estimation of translation parameters. Using these data, 3D(More)
The assessment of the bone age, or skeletal maturity, is an important task in pediatrics that measures the degree of maturation of children’s bones. Nowadays, there is no standard clinical procedure for assessing bone age and the most widely used approaches are the Greulich and Pyle and the Tanner and Whitehouse methods. Computer methods have been proposed(More)
Breast cancer is one of the cancer type most diagnosed. Its causes are unknown so there is not an effective way to prevent it, which increases the mortality rate. The early detection of breast cancer is the best practice to reduce this rate. The double reading of mammograms is a common practice to reduce the rate of missed cancer, but it has a hight cost.(More)
In this paper we propose a method for geometrical calibration of bi-planar radiography that aims at minimising the impact of calibration objects on the content of radiographs, while remaining affordable. For accomplishing this goal, we propose a small extension to conventional imaging systems: a low-cost rangefinder that enables to estimate some of the(More)