Daniel C. H. Yang

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In the design of manipulators, there are very few kinematic and dynamic criteria that are available for optimum design. One that has recently been established, for instance, is a workspace criterion [1], [2]. In the present study a method for the optimum design of manipulator workspace is provided based on that criterion. Analytical and computer-aided(More)
This paper presents the design of a robot wrist with zero hand length and unlimited mutually orthogonal joints. This design is an improvement over existing ones. When equipped with this type of wrist, a robot's entire reachable workspace becomes the dexterous workspace. Because some wrist joint limitations may need to be imposed under practical(More)
Today most of the Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software are predominantly surface modellers. The toolpaths are generated mainly based on the areas that are to be manufactured. However, in many occasions, it is more desirable to make use of the information of the entire cut volume rather than just specifying the surfaces. This paper presents a(More)
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