Daniel C. H. Lee

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It has been proposed that facial expression production originates in sensory regulation. Here we demonstrate that facial expressions of fear are configured to enhance sensory acquisition. A statistical model of expression appearance revealed that fear and disgust expressions have opposite shape and surface reflectance features. We hypothesized that this(More)
While protein tyrosine (Tyr) kinases (PTKs) have been extensively characterized in eukaryotes, far less is known about their emerging counterparts in prokaryotes. The inner-membrane Wzc/Etk protein belongs to the bacterial PTK family, which has an important function in regulating the polymerization and transport of virulence-determining capsular(More)
This paper exploits the panel dimension of the Vietnam Living Standards Survey (VLSS) in order to analyze the main changes occurring in agriculture in Vietnam over the period 19931998. This period was marked by a continuation of the reforms that began in 1988 with the implementation of Resolution 10, Vietnam’s own version of the Chinese Househo ld(More)
The mechanism of how fluoride causes fluorosis remains unknown. Exposure to fluoride can inhibit protein synthesis, and this may also occur by agents that cause endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress. When translated proteins fail to fold properly or become misfolded, ER stress response genes are induced that together comprise the unfolded protein response.(More)
It remains unclear how the brain represents external objective sensory events alongside our internal subjective impressions of them--affect. Representational mapping of population activity evoked by complex scenes and basic tastes in humans revealed a neural code supporting a continuous axis of pleasant-to-unpleasant valence. This valence code was distinct(More)
Mutations in both the human amelogenin and human matrix metalloproteinase-20 (MMP20, enamelysin) genes cause amelogenesis imperfecta. Both genes have also been individually deleted from the mouse and each deletion results in defective dental enamel. Here, we compare the stage-specific progression of enamel development in continuously erupting mouse incisors(More)
Emotionally enhanced memory and susceptibility to intrusive memories after trauma have been linked to a deletion variant (i.e., a form of a gene in which certain amino acids are missing) of ADRA2B, the gene encoding subtype B of the α2-adrenergic receptor, which influences norepinephrine activity. We examined in 207 participants whether variations in this(More)
Matrix metalloproteinase-20 (MMP-20, enamelysin) has a highly restricted pattern of expression. In healthy tissues, MMP-20 is observed in the enamel organ and pulp organ of developing teeth and is present only as an activated enzyme. To identify other tissues that may express MMP-20, we performed a systematic mouse tissue expression screen. Among the(More)
Numerous emotion researchers have asked their study participants to attend to the distinct feelings of arousal and valence, and self-report and physiological data have supported the independence of the two. We examined whether this dissociation reflects introspection about distinct emotional qualia or the way in which valence is measured. With either(More)