Daniel C. Glaser

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This paper reports on the development of a visualization system for architectural lighting designers. It starts by motivating the problem as both complex in its physics and social organization. Three iterations of prototypes for displaying time and space varying phenomena are discussed. Fieldwork is presented to identify where in practice they will be most(More)
This paper describes how socio-technical techniques can be employed to analyze video data of people using daylight simulation tools. We present and compare two different studies: the first is a classroom exercise using a heliodon, a classic daylighting analysis tool; and in the second a lighting professional is asked to use a new data visualization plot. We(More)
Space Series is a new focus-plus-context technique for presenting both spatial and temporal data in a single 2D plot. Initially, the display shows an overview of the temporal distribution of the data. Focus is then interactively applied along the X-axis, the Y-axis, or both, expanding the spatial dimension of the data set. When focusing is applied(More)
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