Daniel Buzzo

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The electronic calendar is a common tool used by large numbers of people to reflect and shape their daily activities. It's function and structure is rooted in legacy representations dating back thousands of years. Collaborating with designers and engineers our project seeks to re-consider what the calendar does for us and how we may perceive and represent(More)
As Nam June Paik intuits in his 1976 article "input-time and output-time" [11] our experience and expression of time and events are not connected to each other in a linear fashion (fig. 1). As a result the incidents that create what we decide to express can have little or no relationship to each other, illustrated in the example of Proust, where a momentary(More)
'The Time Machine' is a multi-screen, high-performance, generative video art installation based around multiple low cost computer platforms. Using algorithmic selection of palindromic loops of time-lapse video the work contrasts the external, machine perception of time with our internal, phenomenological experience of it. The video feeds, recorded from(More)
The modular nature of courses and the fragmenting pressures of Higher Education schedules can make it difficult to create and/or maintain any semblance of a community of practice (i.e. one in which the discussion of learning and around learning is open and apparent). We ask if it is possible to engender an on-line community of practice and re-capture the(More)
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