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Ambient Health Monitoring is becoming increasingly important for supporting proactive self-monitoring as part of a healthy lifestyle and as an enabler of appropriate healthcare services in Ambient Assisted Living (AAL). However, the heterogeneity of available context sources and AAL infrastructure components hinders the design of holistic systems. In this(More)
In the course of ubiquitous and pervasive computing a variety of smart devices are developed and entering our everyday life. These devices increasingly rely on novel interaction modalities from the field of Natural Interaction, such as gesture control. Common concepts to explain and illustrate devices' interaction possibilities can't be applied to these(More)
Driven by the rapid growth in the area of the Internet of Things, everyday environments become increasingly smart and pervasive. Simultaneously, this development faces users with emerging challenges in interacting with pervasive environments. Due to the ongoing and often invisible embedding of functionality into everyday objects and environments, the(More)
Elicitation studies are becoming recently popular methodology to investigate novel gestural interfaces. Yet, little is known about possible factors that may influence this type of studies. To our knowledge, this paper is the first to investigate the impact of physical impairments in full-body motion gesture elicitation studies. Our study was conducted with(More)
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