Daniel Bur

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Compared with xenografts from previously established cell lines, patient-derived xenografts may more faithfully recapitulate the molecular diversity, cellular heterogeneity, and histology seen in patient tumors, although other limitations of murine models remain. The ability of these models to inform clinical development and answer mechanistic questions(More)
The competitive endothelin receptor antagonists (ERA) bosentan and ambrisentan, which have long been approved for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, are characterized by very short (1 min) occupancy half-lives at the ET(A) receptor. The novel ERA macitentan, displays a 20-fold increased receptor occupancy half-life, causing insurmountable(More)
The widespread presence of pepsin-like enzymes in eukaryotes together with their relevance in the control of multiple biological processes is reflected in the large number of studies published so far for this family of enzymes. By contrast, pepsin homologs from bacteria have only recently started to be characterized. The work with recombinant shewasin A(More)
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