Daniel Bullard

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Recognition of LPS by TLR4 on immune sentinel cells such as macrophages is thought to be key to the recruitment of neutrophils to sites of infection with Gram-negative bacteria. To explore whether endothelial TLR4 plays a role in this process, we engineered and imaged mice that expressed TLR4 exclusively on endothelium (known herein as EndotheliumTLR4(More)
Discrete jumps in knowledge, as exemplified by single-trial learning, are critical to survival. Despite its importance, however, one-trial learning remains understudied. We sought to better understand the brain activity adaptations that track punctuated changes in associative knowledge by studying visual-motor associative learning with functional magnetic(More)
The Na(+)-K(+)-ATPase (NKA) is a transmembrane protein that sets and maintains the electrochemical gradient by extruding three Na(+) in exchange for two K(+). An important physiological role proposed for vascular smooth muscle NKA is the regulation of blood pressure via modulation of vascular smooth muscle contractility (5). To investigate the relations(More)
CD18 hypomorph mice expressing reduced levels of the common beta2 integrin chain develop aggravated Lyme carditis, compared to that developed by wild-type (WT) mice, upon infection with the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi. The enhancement of Lyme carditis in these mice is characterized by increased macrophage infiltration, correlating with augmented(More)
Twenty-seven window frame dipole magnets requiring spectrometer-like fields were made for the IR-FEL at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. These magnets incorporate Purcell gaps, mu metal pole faces and adjustable field clamps. After outlining their specifications, this paper describes the processes used in magnet manufacturing, the program(More)
The design and fabrication of electrodes for direct current (dc) high voltage photoemission electron guns can significantly influence their performance, most notably in terms of maximum achievable bias voltage. Proper electrostatic design of the triple-point junction shield electrode minimizes the risk of electrical breakdown (arcing) along the(More)
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