Daniel Bulacu

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Let H be a finite dimensional quasi-Hopf algebra over a field k and A a right H-comodule algebra in the sense of [12]. We first show that on the k-vector space A⊗H∗ we can define an algebra structure, denoted by A # H∗, in the monoidal category of left H-modules (i.e. A # H∗ is an Hmodule algebra in the sense of [2]). Then we will prove that the category of(More)
We generalize various properties of Yetter-Drinfeld modules over Hopf algebras to quasi-Hopf algebras. The dual of a finite dimensional YetterDrinfeld module is again a Yetter-Drinfeld module. The algebra H0 in the category of Yetter-Drinfeld modules that can be obtained by modifying the multiplication in a proper way is quantum commutative. We give a(More)