Daniel Brudney

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In current American medical practice, autonomy is assumed to be more valuable than human life: if a patient autonomously refuses lifesaving treatment, the doctors are supposed to let him die. In this paper we discuss two values that might be at stake in such clinical contexts. Usually, we hear only of autonomy and best interests. However, here, autonomy is(More)
I magine a patient, Bill, who has lost decision-making capacity. An important treatment decision must be made, but Bill cannot make it. Assume there is no advance directive or anything equivalent. There is no way to take a statement made by Bill, when competent, and apply it to the current setting. A standard move in cases like this is to have the patient's(More)
continental philosophy (especially Kant and the nineteenth century), moral and political philosophy, history of ethics, philosophy of art AREAS OF COMPETENCE ancient Greek philosophy, history of early modern philosophy, philosophy of social science Intellectual Heritage: Ancient Foundations (051, 091)(multiple times)-both standard and honors sections of(More)
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