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Indicators for Measuring , Monitoring and Evaluating Post-Disaster Recovery
This paper introduces the Recovery Project, which aims to identify indicators of post-disaster recovery using satellite imagery, internet-based statistics and advanced field survey techniques. ThisExpand
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A Comparison of Teaching Goals and Objectives Identified by Faculty and Peer Learning Facilitators within a Transition Seminar for New College Students.
To determine the different perspectives of faculty members and peer learning facilitators (students) at Eastern New Mexico University about the development of an improved freshman seminar designed toExpand
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Recovered Memories: The Current Weight of the Evidence in Science and in the Courts
The authors critically review the main strategies that false-memory proponents have used to challenge the admissibility of testimony regarding recovered abuse memories in the courts: that theExpand
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Repressed Memory or Dissociative Amnesia: What the Science Says
Legal actions of alleged abuse victims based on recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) have been challenged arguing that the concept of repressed memories does not meet a generallyExpand
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The False Litigant Syndrome: “Nobody Would Say That Unless it was the Truth”
1. Introduction Thomas Shay, Jr., stood before the jurors, on trial for conspiracy and for aiding and abetting an attempt to blow up his father's car.I His father had discovered a suspicious blackExpand
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The impact of unemployment on child maltreatment in the United States
Abstract In this paper, we show that unemployment increases child neglect in the United States during the period from 2004 to 2012. A one percentage point increase in the unemployment rate leads to aExpand
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Iatrogenic Dissociative Identity Disorder—An Evaluation of the Scientific Evidence
In recent years there has been a remarkable increase in malpractice suits in which a retractor-plaintiff alleges that a defendant therapist has suggestively implanted a false dissociative identityExpand
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The U.S. Culture Collection Network Lays the Foundation for Progress in Preservation of Valuable Microbial Resources.
The U.S. Culture Collection Network was formed in 2012 by a group of culture collection scientists and stakeholders in order to continue the progress established previously through efforts of an adExpand
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