Daniel Bronson

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This paper presents the design of a 5 kW inductive charging system for electric vehicles (EVs). Over 90% efficiency is maintained from grid to battery across a wide range of coupling conditions at full load. Experimental measurements show that the magnetic field strength meets the stringent International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection(More)
Two guanylate-cyclase-activating proteins (GCAP) encoded by a tail-to-tail gene array have been characterized in the mammalian retina. Using frog retina as a model, we obtained evidence for the presence of a photoreceptor Ca2+-binding protein closely related to GCAP. This protein (206 amino acids) does not stimulate guanylate cyclase (GC) in low [Ca2+], but(More)
X-Ray computed tomography (CT) can be useful in evaluating defects in through-silicon vias (TSVs). X-Ray CT images of two different TSV processes are presented; copper TSVs used for stacked memory on logic and tungsten TSVs used for power amplifiers. It is found that TSVs in the edge exclusion region are susceptible to defects from the TSV etch and TSV(More)
This study involved the mechanical testing of single-rod segmental hook fixation and double-rod segmental hook fixation in a long-segment animal model. The goals were first to compare the flexibility of a single-rod scoliosis construct with that of a double-rod construct when tested in torsion, and second, to determine the effect of not using(More)
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