Daniel Brenk

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This paper briefly reviews common state-of-the-art architectures of voltage regulators and their applicability to RFID. After that the design of a Low Drop-out (LDO) regulator using active resistances is presented, especially suitable for RFID applications. The chip is designed based on a 0.13 µm CMOS technology.
This work focuses on the comprehensive measurement-based nonlinear characterization of an integrated analog frontend, which is implemented into a passive multifunctional radio-frequency-identification (RFID) transponder. It explains the necessity and the practical execution of large-signal characterization and nonlinear analyses of the frontend at(More)
This paper at first illustrates implementation aspects and measurement results of a subcomponent for a multistandard RF identification (RFID) transponder. It is intended to be a common reference cell, both for basic UHF requirements and advanced application fields like local positioning and wireless sensing. Different single circuit topologies shown in(More)
A fully functional passive RFID-tag has been integrated on a modern standard CMOS process. This paper focuses on the localization capability of the RFID-transponder. First the principle of the localization approach used is described. After that the principle is verified by an experimental setup. The measured distance between the FMCW reader and the RFID-tag(More)
This paper describes a custom-built UHF RFID-Reader-Device with functionality to send and receive EPCglobal custom commands. It can be used to access enhanced capabilities in transponders, for example readout of integrated sensors. The device was implemented using a Xilinx FPGA and is fully controllable from a PC through a customizable MATLAB-Interface.(More)
E. coli strains were isolated from the urine of patients with acute cystitis in general practice and from the faeces of a comparable reference group of healthy individuals. These strains were serotyped and tested for virulence in an experimental mouse model. Of 30 cystitis-strains 18 were virulent, and of 30 faeces-strains 15 were virulent. It is concluded(More)
Healthcare of the future will rely on lots of sensor devices especially long term monitoring sensors. In order to gain acceptance by the patients these devices have to be completely imperceptible and maintenance free. A solution to these requirements is a remote powered implantable sensor system. One of the biggest challenges of such systems is the power(More)
This paper demonstrates a measurement technique for the frontend circuit and the completed system of a RFID transponder at UHF, based on the self-designed RFID reader and transponder. A brief introduction of the system is given, along with the detailed measurement procedure and measurement result. The proposed analog frontend circuit achieves a maximum(More)
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