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A model of commumcations protocols based on finite-state machines is investigated. The problem addressed is how to ensure certain generally desirable properties, which make protocols "well-formed," that is, specify a response to those and only those events that can actually occur. It is determined to what extent the problem is solvable, and one approach to(More)
Logic synthesis is the process of automatically generating optimized logic level representation from a high-level description. With the rapid advances in integrated circuit technology and the resultant growth in design complexity, designers increasingly rely on logic synthesis to shorten the design time, while achieving performance objectives. This paper(More)
The paper describes the need for early analysis tools to enable developers of today's system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs to take advantage of pre-designed components, such as those found in the IBM Blue Logic ® Library, and rapidly explore high-level design alternatives to meet their system requirements. We report on a new approach for developing high-level(More)