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PURPOSE To identify brain dominance for language functions with DLT and correlate these results with those obtained from fMRI in patients suffering from intractable temporal lobe epilepsy. METHOD This study reports on 13 patients who underwent pre-surgical epileptic evaluation between April and October 2004 at the Epilepsy Surgery Program, Hospital Sao(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the cortical representation of sensorimotor functions in patients undergoing perirolandic epilepsy surgery, focusing on somatotopy, mosaicism, and variability of function in relation to the classic motor homunculus. The authors studied 36 patients in whom intraoperative or extraoperative electrical cortical(More)
RESUMO Introdução: Ressonância functional (fMRI) é uma técnica capaz de substituir o teste de Wada como teste padrão de lateralização de memória. Atualmente, a fMRI já pode ser utilizada para estimar a lateralização de memória nos lobos temporais mediais, mas algumas variáveis devem ser tratadas de forma a garantir uma melhor qualidade dos resultados, como(More)
In software development, people have a fundamental role as the basis for a project's success. Regarding agile methodologies, this factor is increased by the need of self-organized teams, which is related to its member's personality and the relationships between them. This paper evaluates how the member's personality types and social relations influence the(More)
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