Daniel Blascke Carrão

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A high-performance liquid chromatographic method using polar organic mode was developed to analyze albendazole (ABZ), albendazole sulfone (ABZSO(2)) and the chiral and active metabolite albendazole sulfoxide (ABZSOX, ricobendazole) that was further applied in stereoselective fungal biotransformation studies. The chromatographic separation was performed on a(More)
Propolis extracts have gained the attention of consumers and researchers due to their unique chemical compositions and functional properties such as its anti-inflammatory activity. Recently, it was described a complex that is also important in inflammatory processes, named inflammasome. The inflammasomes are a large molecular platform formed in the cell(More)
Hollow fiber liquid-phase microextraction and CE were applied for the determination of albendazole sulfoxide (ASOX) enantiomers in liquid culture medium after a fungal biotransformation study. The analytes were extracted from 1 mL of liquid culture medium spiked with the internal standard (rac-hydroxychloroquine) and buffered with 0.50 mol/L phosphate(More)
A three phase hollow fiber liquid-phase microextraction technique combined with capillary electrophoresis was developed to quantify lamotrigine (LTG) in plasma samples. The analyte was extracted from 4.0 mL of a basic donor phase (composed of 0.5 mL of plasma and 3.5 mL of sodium phosphate solution pH 9.0) through a supported liquid membrane composed of(More)
Artepillin C, a natural product present in the Brazilian green propolis, has several biological properties. Among these properties, the antitumor action of this product is noteworthy and makes it a promising drug candidate for the treatment of several types of cancer. This paper describes the in vitro metabolism of Artepillin C in rat and human liver(More)
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