Daniel Bideau

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Granular materials are of substantial importance in many industrial and natural processes, yet their complex behaviours, ranging from mechanical properties of static packing to their dynamics, rheology and instabilities, are still poorly understood. Here we focus on the dynamics of compaction and its 'jamming' phenomena, outlining recent statistical(More)
Several acquisitions of x-ray microtomography have been performed on a beads packing while it compacts under vertical vibrations. An image analysis allows to study the evolution of the packing structure during its progressive densification. In particular, the volume distribution of the pores reveals a large tail, compatible to an exponential law, which(More)
This Letter reports experimental and numerical results on particle dynamics in an out-of-equilibrium granular medium. We observed two distinct types of grain motion: the well known cage motion, during which a grain is always surrounded by the same neighbors, and low probability "jumps," during which a grain moves significantly more relative to the others.(More)
A granular medium submitted to vertical tapping reveals simultaneously compaction and convection. The two phenomena are directly coupled and their dynamics can be quantified by a characteristic compaction time and by an estimation of the convective downhill speed along the wall. A remarkable change of behavior is observed around the liftoff acceleration(More)
A simple numerical model is used to simulate the effect of vertical taps on a packing of monodisperse hard spheres. Our results are in good agreement with an experimental work done in Chicago and with other previous models, especially concerning the dynamics of the compaction, the influence of the excitation strength on the compaction efficiency, and some(More)
We study drainage in a horizontally oriented rough fracture joint filled with glass beads. The shape and structure of the drained areas is the result of competition between two effects: (1) variations in the capillary thresholds necessary to be overcome in order to drain the pores and (2) the height variations due to the roughness of the fracture joint.(More)
When submitted to gentle mechanical taps a granular packing slowly compacts until it reaches a stationary state that depends on the tap characteristics. The properties of such stationary states are experimentally investigated. The influence of the initial state, taps properties and tapping protocol are studied. The compactivity of the packings is(More)
We report the experimental observation of vortex patterns in a vertically tapped granular media. Depending on the tapping acceleration, two behaviors are observed. For high acceleration a convection vortex appears in the whole media, whereas for low acceleration two unstable vortices appear in the upper part of the media and slowly compact the lower part.(More)