Daniel Bideau

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Several acquisitions of x-ray microtomography have been performed on a beads packing while it compacts under vertical vibrations. An image analysis allows to study the evolution of the packing structure during its progressive densification. In particular, the volume distribution of the pores reveals a large tail, compatible to an exponential law, which(More)
A simple numerical model is used to simulate the effect of vertical taps on a packing of monodisperse hard spheres. Our results are in good agreement with an experimental work done in Chicago and with other previous models, especially concerning the dynamics of the compaction, the influence of the excitation strength on the compaction efficiency, and some(More)
When submitted to gentle mechanical taps a granular packing slowly compacts until it reaches a stationary state that depends on the tap characteristics. The properties of such stationary states are experimentally investigated. The influence of the initial state, taps properties and tapping protocol are studied. The compactivity of the packings is(More)
We report on experiments to measure the temporal and spatial evolution of packing arrangements of anisotropic and weakly confined granular material, using high-resolution gamma-ray adsorption. In these experiments, the particle configurations start from an initially disordered, low-packing-fraction state and under vertical solicitations evolve to a dense(More)
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