Daniel Behnam Torkian

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Today's Cloud market offers a wide variety of online storage services which provide reliable and inexpensive storage accessible from almost every device at almost any location. Still, it proofs to be difficult to satisfy the user's confidence concerning the confidentiality and integrity of the own data in the Cloud. This is especially true since the user is(More)
Developing contemporary software architectures requires the consideration and adoption of the Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) principles. Distributed applications are a very common domain in which SOA guides design decisions in particular. For a long time, SOAP and its related stack of standards have been the only technological choice for implementing(More)
Die Bezeichnung „Web of Services“ bezieht sich nach einer Definition des W3C auf ein nachrichtenbasiertes Designprinzip, das häufig zum Entwurf von Internet-Anwendungen oder Unternehmenssoftware zum Einsatz kommt. Die beiden dominierenden Ansätze sind hier derzeit SOAP und REST. Für REST existiert jedoch keine der SOAP-Security entsprechende(More)
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