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Many aspects of CSF dynamics are poorly understood due to the difficulties involved in quantification and visualization. In particular, there is debate surrounding the route of CSF drainage. Our aim was to quantify CSF flow, volume, and drainage route dynamics in vivo in young and aged spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) using a novel contrast-enhanced(More)
We have assessed the effects of clodronate (dichloromethylene diphosphonate; Cl2MDP 0.8-3.2g daily by mouth for up to 3 months) in 17 episodes of hypercalcaemia and osteolysis due to carcinoma. Clodronate reduced serum calcium in 14 episodes and bone resorption in all patients. These remained suppressed for the duration of treatment, but recurred promptly(More)
Intraluminal occlusion of the middle cerebral artery (MCAo) in rodents is perhaps the most widely used model of stroke, however variability of infarct volume and the ramifications of this on sample sizes remains a problem, particularly for preclinical testing of potential therapeutics. Our data and that of others, has shown a dichotomous distribution of(More)
—In this study, we introduce MC-TSAR, a Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithm for strategy selection in simultaneous multistage games. We evaluate the algorithm using a battle planning scenario in which replanning is possible. We show that the algorithm can be used to select a strategy that approximates a Nash equilibrium strategy, taking into account the(More)
The principal aim of this study was to determine whether prolonged chronic footshock stress can evoke sustained changes in blood pressure in rats and to elucidate possible underlying neurochemical mechanisms as mediated by the sympathoadrenal system. Adult male Wistar rats instrumented for telemetric recording of arterial pressure, heart rate and locomotor(More)
The asserted dominant role of the kidneys in the chronic regulation of blood pressure and in the etiology of hypertension has been debated since the 1970s. At the center of the theory is the observation that the acute relationships between arterial pressure and urine production-the acute pressure-diuresis and pressure-natriuresis curves-physiologically(More)
Stroke is predominantly a senescent disease, yet most preclinical studies investigate treatment in young animals. We recently demonstrated that short-duration hypothermia-treatment completely prevented the dramatic intracranial pressure (ICP) rise seen post-stroke in young rats. Here, our aim was to investigate whether a similar ICP rise occurs in aged rats(More)
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