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REVIEW ARTICLE Assembly and secretion of hepatic very-low-density lipoprotein RESEARCH PAPERS Proteins Neoantigens in complement component C3 as detected by mono-clonal antibodies. Mapping of the recognized epitopes by synthetic peptides Myelin basic protein is affected by reduced synthesis of myelin proteolipid protein in the jimpy mouse Botulinum type F(More)
Five hundred five reports of violent incidents in British pubs and bars were studied by using logical pathway modeling to provide information on the processes underlying work-related violence. Logical pathway modeling is innovative in examining and mapping sequences in real incidents at a population level. The data reveal the most common pathway to be(More)
For 20% of a sample of 1,078 violent incidents reported in British bars and pubs, another incident was reported at the same premises within 6 months. Log-survival analysis revealed nonrandom sequences that demonstrate a system memory effect separate from any biases involving particular venues. The rate of reoccurrence was not constant during the 6 months(More)
Using cinematography to identify the drive and recovery phases in wheelchair racing, it has been reported that the drive phase was approximately 33% of each propulsive cycle time, with remaining time devoted to the recovery phase. In this study, an electronic timing device has been developed to accurately measure the drive phase time and recovery phase time(More)
In this paper a new system for piecewise primitive surface recovery on point clouds is presented, which allows a novice user to sketch areas of interest in order to guide the fitting process. The algorithm is demonstrated against a benchmark technique for autonomous surface fitting, and, contrasted against existing literature in user guided surface(More)
Quadrics are a compact mathematical formulation for a range of primitive surfaces. A problem arises when there are not enough data points to compute the model but knowledge of the shape is available. This paper presents a method for fitting a quadric with a Bayesian prior. We use a matrix normal prior in order to favour ellipsoids when fitting to ambiguous(More)
This paper introduces a new statistical method for combining vision and robot dynamics to generate trajectories to intercept a moving object. Previous methods only use information from the kinematics without considering the forces needed to move along the trajectory. Using robot dynamics allows extra measures, such as energy efficiency, to be optimised(More)
The N-terminal sequence of a novel sheep-derived peptide with growth inhibitory activity has been obtained. The N-terminal fragment was chemically synthesised and designated EPL001. The kidney was chosen as the first mammalian system in which to study EPL001 since kidney growth can be accurately quantified following a surgical reduction in renal mass. Cell(More)