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In this paper a new system for piecewise primitive surface recovery on point clouds is presented, which allows a novice user to sketch areas of interest in order to guide the fitting process. The algorithm is demonstrated against a benchmark technique for autonomous surface fitting, and, contrasted against existing literature in user guided surface(More)
Quadrics are a compact mathematical formulation for a range of primitive surfaces. A problem arises when there are not enough data points to compute the model but knowledge of the shape is available. This paper presents a method for fitting a quadric with a Bayesian prior. We use a matrix normal prior in order to favour ellipsoids when fitting to ambiguous(More)
This paper introduces a new statistical method for combining vision and robot dynamics to generate trajectories to intercept a moving object. Previous methods only use information from the kinematics without considering the forces needed to move along the trajectory. Using robot dynamics allows extra measures, such as energy efficiency, to be optimised(More)
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