Daniel Ballin

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BACKGROUND Approximately 6 million U.S. patients present to emergency departments annually with symptoms suggesting acute cardiac ischemia. Triage decisions for these patients are important but remain difficult. OBJECTIVE To test whether computerized prediction of the probability of acute ischemia, used with electrocardiography, improves the accuracy of(More)
CONTEXT Observational studies of acute myocardial perfusion imaging in emergency department (ED) patients with chest pain have suggested high sensitivity and negative predictive value for acute cardiac ischemia, but use of this method has not been prospectively tested. OBJECTIVE To assess whether incorporating acute resting perfusion imaging into an ED(More)
Autonomous agents can help users by taking on a substantial workload, and performing tasks that are too complex for a human. However, in some systems complete autonomy is undesirable as it removes control from the user. It is therefore important to include some user control while maintaining the reduced workload associated with an autonomous system. This is(More)
This paper presents a system for generating non-verbal communication behaviour suitable for characters in interactive narrative. It is possible to customise the behaviour of individual character using a system of character profiles. This allows characters to have a strong individuality and personality. These same profiles also allow the characters’(More)
The introduction of consumer broadband makes it possible to have an emotionally much richer experience of the internet. One way of achieving this is the use of animated characters endowed with emotionally expressive behaviour. This paper describes Demeanour, a framework for generating expressive behaviour, developed collaboratively by University College(More)
The existing intelligent tutoring systems available integrate various tutorial strategies, to improve the acquisition of knowledge. However, none of them are concerned with the role that the learner’s emotions can play. The design of a ITS which takes account of these emotions can be now considered using intelligent agents. This article deals with such an(More)