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Over 30,000 ever-married women in 13 (out of 25) Indian states where HIV is thought to be highly prevalent-Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and ten other less populous states-were surveyed about their awareness and knowledge of AIDS. Only one in six women had heard of AIDS. Among those, knowledge about transmission and prevention is poor. Multivariate(More)
Survey results from two disparate rural areas of Bangladesh, Sirajgong and Gopalpur subdistricts in the north-central part of the country and Abhoynagar and Fultala subdistricts in the southwest, offer the opportunity to assess the changing status of women in rural Bangladesh. The survey, conducted by the Mother and Child Health/Family Planning Extension(More)
Previous research on individuals with anxiety disorders has demonstrated that both childhood peer maltreatment and concerns about negative self-portrayal are related to elevated symptoms of social anxiety (SA). In the present study, we examined whether concerns about negative self-portrayal might either moderate or mediate the relation between recalled(More)
Many animals fight to win resources, repel competitors or establish dominance in a social group. Mutual-assessment of fighting ability, where competitors gather and compare information about their opponent's as well as their own fighting ability has been the dominant theoretical framework for understanding decision-making during fights. However,(More)
The numbers of AIDS cases and HIV infections detected in the Philippines have risen slowly but steadily since the first AIDS case in the country was diagnosed in 1984. By the end of 1995, 234 AIDS cases and 470 HIV infections had been reported to the country's Department of Health. However, given the limited extent to which people have been tested for HIV(More)
India's 1992-93 National Family Health Survey included questions about AIDS awareness in 13 Indian states that were locations of heightened concern to health officials. Results for the representative sample of 32,077 ever-married women of reproductive age revealed that only about 1/6 of the women had ever heard of AIDS. Those who had heard of AIDS were(More)
This study reports the effects of sibling death on 33 adolescents from white, middle- to upper-middle income families. Contact was made through mutual support groups for bereaved parents. A focused interview was used to gather data on bereavement reactions and on self-concept. Bereavement reactions investigated included kinds of emotional responses, effects(More)
The author reviews literature on children's reactions to perceived failure and offers suggestions for preventing these reactions. Learned helplessness is a model offered to explain why a child who makes a mistake gives up even though competent to succeed. Sex differences in reactions to failure and feedback about failure from others are reviewed as well as(More)
A survey was used to compare the attitudes of twelve Phoenix area mental health agencies regarding community control and participation in social action. A modified Likert scale provided attitude choices for survey items. The researcher computed mean scores for the twelve agencies for survey items. Each agency's attitudes are compared to the attitudes of the(More)
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