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Parties Out of Power in Japan, 1931-1941
Asia Askew: U.S. Best-Sellers on Asia, 1931–1980
AbstractThe idea for this project emerged from twenty years of teaching American college students, including beginning and advanced undergraduates, about Asia and some of its parts. For years my as...
The Japanese Diet : stability and change in the Japanese House of Representative, 1890-1990
Occupation education the Diet as a profession age regions and prefectures party apprenticeship women in the House of Representatives the Diet membership in global perspective.
The Nakamura Incident and the Japanese Foreign Office
The outbreak of hostilities between Chinese and Japanese troops at Liutiaohu in the vicinity of Mukden on the night of September 18, 1931, unleashed a chain of events leading to a disasterous war forExpand
Daniel Ramsdell interview
Daniel Ramsdell Video Interview