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African Dominion: A New History of Empire in Early and Medieval West Africa by Michael A. Gomez (review)
The era of formal colonialism is long gone but its effects still linger in popular views of Africa. From time to time a politician, or some other influential public figure, echoes the old adage thatExpand
The Atlantic Slave Trade to Maranhão, 1680–1846: Volume, Routes and Organisation
Maranhão has the best documented slave trade in all Portuguese America. However, it is one of the least studied branches of the Atlantic slave trade. This article provides an assessment of theExpand
Amazonia and North-East Brazil in the Atlantic slave trade: an assessment of the Brazilian slave trade North of Rio de Janeiro
ABSTRACT Brazil was the most important destination for enslaved Africans forced into the Atlantic between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. While Rio de Janeiro became the country's leadingExpand
Networks and Trans-Cultural Exchange: Slave Trading in the South Atlantic, 1590–1867 ed. by David Richardson and Filipa Ribeiro da Silva (review)
the Jesuit education and globalization with explicit connections to the volume’s first chapter, where Ucerler evaluates the bilingual curriculum in the Jesuit school at Funai (pp. 33, 156).Expand
The transatlantic Muslim diaspora to Latin America in the nineteenth century
Abstract Since the 16th century, African Muslims figured prominently among the slave population of the Americas. While the number of Muslims pulled into the trade has always been a matter ofExpand
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