Daniel B. Shank

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OTH likeness and constancy are implied by the word homeostasis. I n the B genetic context, genotypes which interact with a variable environment in such a way as to maintain relative uniformity of an observable characteristic therein fulfill both the spirit and the letter of the concept, homeostasis. Though primarily morphological characteristics have been(More)
Adopting successful climate change mitigation policies requires the public to choose how to balance the sometimes competing goals of managing CO2 emissions and achieving economic growth. It follows that collective action on climate change depends on members of the public to be knowledgeable of the causes and economic ramifications of climate change. The(More)
Empirical findings on public goods dilemmas indicate an unresolved dilemma: that increasing size-the number of people in the dilemma-sometimes increases, decreases, or does not influence cooperation. We clarify this dilemma by first classifying public goods dilemma properties that specify individual outcomes as individual properties (e.g., Marginal Per(More)
Within-plot coefficients of variability of F1 maize hybrids and of their inbred parents were determined for several plant and ear characteristics over a two-year period. The heterozygous hybrids as a group were found to be better buffered (lower coefficients of variation) than the homozygous parents in every characteristic. There appeared to be significant(More)
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