Daniel B. Lewis

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Analyses of natural songs from the cricketTeleogryllus oceanicus confirm (after Hutchings and Lewis 1984) that the songs are rich in harmonics which extend up to around 55 kHz. A series of synthetic song models with a varying harmonic content were used to determine the relevance of these harmonics to the orientation behaviour of the insects. In two-choice(More)
The growing proportion of human populations living in urban areas, and consequent trends of increasing urban expansion and densification fuel a need to understand how urban form and land use affect environmental quality, including the availability of urban green spaces. Here we use Sheffield as a case study of city-wide relationships between urban green(More)
This article discusses two methods for modeling eutectic solidifi cation using the phase-field approach. First, a multi-phase-fi eld model is used to study the three-dimensional morphological evolution of binary eutectics. Performing the calculations in three dimensions allows observation of both lamellar and rod-like structures as well as transient(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of mechanical shear on hydrophobicity of pharmaceutical powder blends as a function of composition and particle size, and to determine the impact on drug release from tablets. METHODS Four powder formulations were subjected to three different shear strain conditions (40 rev, 160 rev, and(More)
The main objective of the present work was to study the effect of mixing order of Cab-O-Sil (CS) and magnesium stearate (MgSt) and microlayers during mixing on blend and tablet properties. A first set of pharmaceutical blend containing Avicel PH200, Pharmatose and micronized acetaminophen was prepared with three mixing orders (mixing order-1: CS added(More)
The addition of properly selected elements, coupled in nanoscale multilayer structures can further enhance the properties of TiAlN coatings and bring new high performance. The incorporation of Y in the nanoscale pseudo-superlattice TiAlCrN/TiAlYN with typical period of 1.7 nm not only improves the oxidation resistance but also effectively reduces the(More)
Immobilization devices serve several purposes in radiation oncology including improved positional reproducibility and decreased patient movement. If immobilization device beam attenuation is unaccounted for in the treatment planning process, planning target volume (PTV) coverage can be compromised. A retrospective case study was performed to evaluate beam(More)
[1] Tree rings afford the temporal resolution needed to characterize extreme weather events such as tropical cyclones, their frequency and variability. External factors such as soil water isotopic variability, soil heterogeneity, and/or stand disturbance affect the isotopic composition of individual trees in a stand, resulting in inaccuracies in the record.(More)
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